Fibre Gentili

fy·bu jehn·tee·lai

A gentle fiber representing the Mediterranean with the beauty of A Caper flower.

Gentile di Lucania

The idea to create a Mediterranean capsule through a sustainable supply chain was created by mYak and Tréliz.

Our journey began in the vibrant setting of yarn festivals, where we found ourselves drawn together by a shared passion for nature, animals, and the preservation of cherished traditions.

Amidst conversations and shared experiences, we unearthed a common sensibility towards the environment, a deep respect for animals, and a profound appreciation for time-honored customs. It was during these discussions that the idea of sourcing a "Mediterranean wool" took root—an endeavor that would embody our commitment to creating a truly sustainable supply chain for both people and the environment.

Our tireless quest led us to a remarkable discovery: "la Gentile." This exceptional breed of sheep proved to be the perfect embodiment of our shared vision—a breed that not only met but exceeded our stringent criteria for sustainability, quality, and tradition. With "la Gentile" as our source, we embarked on a journey to craft a collection that not only reflects our passion but also encapsulates the essence of the Mediterranean and its timeless treasures.

A Tale of Italian Wool Excellence


Jen·tea·lea di Lu·cà·nya

Is known as the "Gentile of Lucania," an ancient Italian sheep breed celebrated for its outstanding wool quality. Outshining its counterparts on the Italian peninsula. Its history unveils an intriguing narrative that dates back to the era of the Romans, where it was already the breed of choice due to the wool's remarkable softness. Interestingly, the breed was initially exported to Spain and eventually found its way to Australia, where it laid the foundation for today's Merino strains.


The Gentile di Lucania is of medium size with a white or beige fleece. Its features include medium-sized ears and a rounded head. It is a multi-purpose breed used for meat, milk, and wool production.


One of the distinctive features of this breed is the quality of its wool. Gentile di Lucania wool is highly regarded for its fineness, with an average fiber diameter of around 20 microns. Traditionally, this wool has been used for crafting fine and high-quality textiles.


Over time, the Gentile di Lucania has become an endangered breed due to declining flock numbers. However, in recent years, several initiatives have been undertaken to preserve this unique breed and its high-quality wool.


Gentile di Lucania sheep are traditionally raised in a semi-transhumant system, following historical methodologies. This type of farming has demonstrated a positive impact on the environment and biodiversity.

Cultural and Economic Significance

Beyond the production of high-quality wool, the Gentile di Lucania breed has a triple-purpose nature, also providing valuable milk and quality meat. These products are used in local cuisine and hold a significant place in the cultural heritage of the region.

Today, ongoing efforts are dedicated to protecting and preserving the Gentile di Lucania, not only for its premium wool but also for its historical and cultural significance.

The inclusion of this breed in our sustainable yarn production project represents a crucial step toward its conservation and the promotion of sustainability within the textile industry.