AIR represents the mind and
soul of mankind. Air in alchemy is the breath of life, its fundamental
importance can be seen in words such as spirit, inspire, expire and aspire, all
derived from the Latin spirare “to breathe”.

Air as an alchemical element,
bridges the gap between fire and water. Among the early Greek Philosophers Air
was named as the Arche, the beginning of the world. As it grows warm it becomes
fire, as it cools and condenses it becomes water, then earth. Air is the element of inspiration, intelligence,
and the mind. 
The colors we associated with Air are the
light blue sky Aeras (Wind & Air in Greek), and the pink color of
the Magnolia flower, a symbol of purity and independent thinking.
Complimented by the beautiful green Pistacchio, bright Zagara
(Orange Blossom in Italian), soothing Mare Calmo (Calm Sea in

Italian) and the pure Mandorla (Almond in italian).