Fire, in the secret societies, whose
origins are in antiquity, represents the intellect - man’s ability to
problem solve and think for oneself.

Fire represents the start of the alchemical process. It is the passion
and desire of an alchemist. Fire in its nature is both a creative force and
a destructive one.
It is the heat of the fire that purges away all
impurities and refines us to our perfect form.

Fire is the generative force of mankind. It is the spark that gives life
to all living things
on our planet, both physically
and metaphysically. Fire’s refining quality allows us to stand pure in the
presence of the divine. “Can you stand the heat?” is a statement we all have
heard and been affected by.

Fire is the easiest of the elements to imagine. Known for passion,
anger, fierce emotions. Fire harness ambition and fuels dreams, full of
danger and desire, but it can also offer safety and peace
. Seeing light
amid darkness, listening to the crackle of a fire burning within a fireplace is
a symbol of comfort and warmth.

We have depicted this element through warm tones, the yellow Helios
(Sun in Greek) and orange Fotia (Fire in Greek), paired with tan Sabbia
(Sand in Italian) and the bold Bougainville (Ornamental Climbing Plant
with Brightly colored Papery Bracts in Italian) for a warm result or the ashy Vulcano
(Volcano in Italian) for a bold and more fiery contrast.