Water represents the fluidity
of spirit and consciousness
. Water in its physical aspect can be liquid,
vapor, and ice.

The nature of water is to give, nurture, and to adapt to one’s
This is why it morphs and
transforms. When water is too hot it becomes vapor, too cold, it becomes ice.
This is why the ancients taught that water was birthed out of fire.

Water is also feminine and is seen in the life-giving waters of our
mother’s womb,
which brings us into physical
existence. In ancient Greece it was commonly associated with the qualities of
emotion and intuition.

To harness the element of water, we must learn to be flexible in our
lives. We must learn to adapt and to trust the path given to us by the divine,
just as a river trusts the twists and turns of its banks on its way to the

Water is the element that represents a sense of cleansing and purity and
is meant to symbolizes emotional life.

Blue is the first color to come to mind and the first image to come
through was the blue infinite horizon between Ouranos (Sky in greek) and
Thalassa (Sea in Greek). To bring out the best of those beautiful blue
shades, we invite you to contrast them with the dark Vulcano (Volcano in
Italian), green Pistacchio or the bright Zagara (orange blossom
in Italian)