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Fibre Gentili



Gentile Di Lucania Wool - Italy

2-ply carded wool - Sport Weight

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by Valentina Cosciani 

The stole is worked from one short side to the other in a very elaborate and charming lace stitch that decorates it throughout.
All the edges are knitted in lace stitch and finished with an i-cord edge that gives it a more neat and finished look.
The making will be a bit time-consuming because it is really very wide, but the stitch pattern is not difficult to memorize and the end result is impressive.
If you wish, you can modify it a lot by simply varying the number of stitches to start, turning it into a square shawl or a narrower, shorter scarf.

Gauge:16 stitches and 32 rows= 4”/10cm

Size: One Size

Needle: US  6 - 4.0 mm /US 11 - 8.0 mm

Actually, the swatch is not very important.
Instead, the final blocking step is essential to allow the stole to stretch to its final size and to allow the lace to “open.”

Yarn: 9 Skeins FIBRE GENTILI | elements Sport weight (50 gr / 1.76 oz | 175 m / 191 yds) = 1575 yards (1440 m)

The pattern is not included.

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry  Stola by Valentina Cosciani or in the book “Ce l’ho, mi manca” on Amazon "Ce l’ho, mi manca"

You can also create your own color combination by choosing your skeins. 



Content: 100% 2-ply Italian Wool

Weight:   approx. 50 g / 1.76 oz

Length: 175 m / 191 yds

Gauge: 5.75-6.25 stitches per inch, sport-weight

Suggested Knitting Needle: US 4-6 (3.5-4 mm)

Suggested Crochet Hook: E-F (3.5-4 mm)

Recommended Care: Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.

More Info: 

  • 21 microns and lengths of around 50 millimeters.
  • 100% developed, sourced, processed, dyed and spun in Italy


Efforts have been dedicated to recovering the last flocks of the pure breed and initiating a biodiversity preservation program as explained more in Our Story. Choosing Gentile di Lucania yarn means more than acquiring wool; you're wrapping yourself in history, tradition, and a commitment to a brighter, sustainable future.


These sheep live the good life in the Basilicata region, roaming free among the ancient forests. Based in the Italian Biella textile district our supply chain is a well-guarded secret, ensuring quality and embracing social and environmental sustainability at every step.


All processing takes place in Biella's luxury textile district, home to ancient and invaluable craftsmanship where the human touch still makes a significant difference.

The hand-dyed colors of the Elements Capsule are crafted by Tréliz, representing an excellence in Mediterranean creativity and artisanal work.


Handle our soft and delightful yarn with care. It's delicate nature requires gentle attention for a soft, airy fluff finish. Be mindful of its fragility when winding and knitting with it. With proper care, your final product will showcase the beauty of this yarn without any compromise in quality.


  1. Fill a sink or basin with cold water.
  2. Submerge the fabric in water, gently squeezing out any air bubbles so that the piece can remain under water without being held there.
  3. Soak work for 30 minutes or longer allowing fabric to become completely saturated.
  4. Remove excess moisture by rolling your fabric between clean, dry towels with light pressure.
  5. Lay fabric flat and shape to air dry.
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