Ether, in Greek mythology it was
considered to be pure essence and was breathed by the gods, as opposed to the
air we breathe as humans on earth.

To the ancient Greeks and Romans it was Ether that formed the sky and
the heavenly bodies.  Plato and Aristotle referred to Ether as “Idea”,
regarded as that which exists outside the material world. It was also called
Quintessance from the latin “ quinta essentia”, meaning fifth element,
and thought to be heavenly.

Paracelsus, a famous alchemist and father of toxicology, saw the fifth
element as the substance of stars and souls.

Ether represents transmutation
and divine intervention. It is the bridge between the material world and the
realm of the spiritual, allowing us to shine like gold through the purification
of the soul.

In this regard Ether has within itself all of the other elements and
therefore lives in all things material and spiritual.

Ether is not physical at all, therefore cannot have a color, but it has
a sense of mystery, magic and royalty.
color represented by these attributes is purple. Illustrated in a paler violet Aitheras
(Ether in greek) and a deeper shade Daphne (Laurel in Greek) who was
loved by the God Apollo and became a symbol for immortality and victory.
Beautifully paired with Bougainville (climbing deep pink vine in
Italian), Pompelmo (Grapefruit in Italian) and Vulcano (Volcano
in Italian)